What is Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the junction of two words: Bio (life) diversity (several or multiple things that are not the same). In this way, biodiversity is the colossal multiplicity of life forms in nature.

Biodiversity is understood as the recognition of the different forms of life spread around the world, their biological kingdoms and other taxonomic classifications. From what is known, there is no way to say exactly what the number or proportion of elements that compose it is, as it is still necessary to study, catalog and understand the way of life of each species.

Proof of this is that there is no closed concept about the word and its extension, therefore, it is common to refer to ecosystems when it comes to the subject. On the other hand, there is a classification in levels to better classify and group living beings, such as the following:

Genetical diversity. Which attributes to the variation of species through factors of genes that can differentiate them from each other and perhaps this is the biggest factor of differentiation and understanding of this variety;

Organic or species diversity. It is the differentiation and grouping of species that have common characteristics that allow them to approach one another so that they can belong to the same category or group;

Ecological or ecosystem diversity. Also understood as a biome, which is nothing more than a large community, which brings together different ecosystems in the same population or community where species live and interact with the environment.

However, the nomenclatures and definitions may vary from author to author since the studies and research carried out are always adding new and important data to human knowledge.

Threat to biodiversity
Unfortunately, biodiversity suffers from several factors and problems caused by humans, such as fires, pollution, deforestation and predatory hunting of wild animals and extinction.

No less harmful, another practice that also harms biodiversity is the exploitation of regions where their natural resources are depleted and causes ecological imbalances. The greatest evidence is the two largest Brazilian systems: the Amazon Forest and the Atlantic Forest, which have already lost much of their natural wealth.

Biodiversity and Sustainability
Due to depredation and serious environmental problems, the concept of sustainability emerged, which means to conserve and preserve (from the Latin sustentare ) the environment to recover the damage caused in nature

What is Biodiversity
What is Biodiversity


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