What is Zoology

Zoology designates the science that studies animals . The word zoology comes from the Greek, from the junction of zoon and logos , which mean “animal” and “study”. More specifically, we can say that zoology studies animals , their relationship with the environment, their biological, anatomical, physiological and genetic constitution, their psychology, behavior and evolution.

Thus, zoology researches, as well as catalogs, all species of animals contributing to the preservation and maintenance of ecosystems in their proper balance. Equipped with various species collection techniques that contribute to scientific research as well as the conservation and growth of zoos.

It is considered that the first scientific studies that can be classified as belonging to zoology took place in the 18th century. And since then they have formed a wide bibliography covering studies ranging from insects to fish, birds, mammals and so on. Allowing, for example, TVs in the 21st century to produce incredible documentaries that share the discoveries of zoology with the common man.  

Zoology is therefore a branch of biology . And this in turn is divided into specific branches. Among the fields of study that make up  we can cite as an example: entomology , which will be in charge of the study of insects ; mastozoology , which studies mammals; ornithology studies birds; ichthyology deals with fish; helminthology is devoted to worms ; reptiles and amphibians are studied by herpetology ; molluscs are the research field of malacology ; Ethology is dedicated to understanding the behavior of animals; ants are studied by myrmecology, which is itself a branch of entomology; primatology deals with primates .

What is Zoology

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