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Research is any action that has the objective of acquiring knowledge and that can start either from the search to solve a problem, from a given question, from a mystery or be motivated simply by the person’s curiosity and the pleasure of learning. Thanks to the internet and search engines, research has become a very common activity in the 21st century.

Thus, research can be just an everyday activity, a hobby or a necessity for work or school, but it can also be something very serious, treated with rigor and method, as is the case with scientific or academic research.

Research, for example, is one of the premises that guide the work at universities. It is both encouraged and required, and one of the evaluation criteria in the academic environment is the judgment of the results of research carried out by students, especially presented in the form of Course Conclusion Papers (TCC), Master’s Dissertations and Doctoral Theses.

Among the various types of research, we can mention market research , field research , descriptive , quantitative , qualitative , bibliographic , explanatory , experimental , exploratory , scientific research and so on.

Scientific research

Scientific research is characterized by its seriousness, rigor and method. It is a thorough investigation based on objective and logical precepts, well defined and organized, which aims to accurately understand some aspect of reality.

Scientific research explores reality, trying to extract from it the laws that govern it, its essence, the fundamental principles that make it the way we perceive it, seeking to establish the cause and effect relationships that compose it. From then on, with the data collected and the conclusions obtained, the scientific community is responsible for explaining the processes and phenomena that surround us, at the same time that it can apply its knowledge to technical issues for the benefit of humanity.

Thus, it is only accepted as scientific knowledge that which comes from research that respected certain methods established and consolidated by science over the centuries and that can be repeated so that anyone can prove the validity of the results achieved.

And although there is a consensus that scientific research aims and should aim at the benefit of all, both to solve the various mysteries that surround us, and to promote the evolution and well-being of people, it is thanks to research of this nature that many ills began to afflict society. As an example of this we can mention the atomic bomb and the different types of weapons, pollution and global warming. All fruits of great scientific research works that have brought or bring harmful consequences to man.

What is Research
What is Research

What is Hypothesis

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