CD-ROM is the acronym for the English term “ Compact Disc Read-Only Memory ” which, in Portuguese, is the same as “Compact Disc-Read-Only Memory”. Therefore, it is an electronic device that stores information in a compact format, which can only be read by the user.

The CD-ROM was created in 1985 and its recording is done by the manufacturer. As a compact disc, its memory is read-only and therefore cannot be changed. The name CD-ROM can be considered a ROM memory, since it practically inherited the term. It contrasts with other types of memory such as RW and flash.

On a CD-ROM, it is possible to store the most diverse contents and information, whether audio, video or mixed. The CD-ROM is a plastic disk that has two sides, one of which contains a metallic aluminum alloy that allows data storage; on the other side are printed characters or images that help in identification. Storage capacity may vary, although it is possible to find CDs with around 2 GB.

CD-ROM drive is a type of device created and developed to read CDs. When using it and the user notices that the CD-ROM is not playing, it must be verified that there are no scratches and other damages on the disc or even the existence of dust and other small fragments on the drive that may make it difficult to read. If not, consult the manufacturer’s manual for solutions.

Among various attributes, variations and meanings, CD-ROMS can be classified into two categories: one that is CD-RW and another that is CD-R . The first is the acronym for the English term ( Compact Disc ReWritable or, in Portuguese, “Compact Disc Rewritable”), also known as CD-E (CD-Erasable). It was launched in 1997 and it is characterized by the presence of an alloy composed of materials that easily change state.

CD-R ( Compact Disc Recordable ) is composed of a special dye layer that allows data to be recorded. They differ from CD-RWs in that they allow recording only once, while CD-RWs are rewritable.



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