Smartphone is an English term that means “smart phone” and is used to designate a new lineage of cell phones that have a series of technologies integrated into the same device. Currently, smartphones include their own operating systems and are equivalent to a “mini computer”, performing various functions with their applications and online browsing.

These devices reach the maximum of their usefulness by uniting in a compact device the functionalities of a telephone and a computer. The user can, at the same time, store a contact book, access the internet, email and social networks, in addition to installing a series of applications that make navigation on the device even easier. Another great advantage of the smartphone is that the data stored on the device can be synchronized with a conventional computer.

Operational systems

Smartphones add some characteristics of computers and what makes this possible is the existence of their own operating systems, which allow hardware and software to be inserted into the telephone set. Currently, the main operating systems for cell phones are Apple’s iOS – found in iPhone models –, Google’s Android and Windows Phone, by Windows.

Apps and Features

The great differential of smartphones is in its features and applications that can be found in the virtual stores, or app stores , of each company (Apple, Google, Windows, etc.). First, when buying a smartphone, the user instantly has a digital camera and camcorder, integrated GPS, digital TV (in some models), among other resources.

When accessing the store, you are faced with a multitude of free and paid applications that meet the most varied types of needs or hobbies that a person may have. From Internet Banking and measurement converters to the most varied types of games, passing through cloud drives , social networks, music and video players, personal calendars and cookbooks. Smartphones are work and entertainment devices, holders of information of the most varied natures and utilities. 

What is Android

Smart phone

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