Software is a series of written code to be executed, followed or interpreted by a computer. This series follows specific patterns that result in a desired behavior. It can also be called software , or even be defined as the programs that control the operation of any computer.

Hardware should not be confused with software, as they have different meanings .

While the hardware is the physical part of a computer (cabinet, keyboard, monitor, etc.) the  is everything that makes the machine work, performing different actions for each other 

system software

It is an operating system that consists of a cluster of instructions responsible for transforming the hardware into a system with which the user can interact and run their programs. The internal set of the computer is what allows this interaction through a graphical interface.

It encompasses all device drivers (mouse, printer, memory, etc.) and the operating system.

application software

There are several programs installed on computers that allow the user to perform one or more specific tasks in the most diverse areas such as pharmacy, engineering, medicine, accounting, urbanism, and others. The user can develop spreadsheets, architectural drawings, graphic presentations, among other tasks.

Application  are also:

The databases.

Video Games.

Commercial automation systems, etc.

Application software may include, in addition to those already mentioned:



Symbolic and numerical calculation 

programming software

It is the set of tools that help the programmer to develop computer programs using different alternatives and programming languages . 

The following are part of the programming software :




Text editors, etc.

The programmer works in an integrated development environment, that is, all the tools listed above are grouped in a visual environment so that he does not need to type commands.

Embedded or embedded software

It is a type of software intended to perform its functions within a machine that is not for general use. Usually this only works for a very specific purpose.

Free software

In this case, the user does not need to have the software installed on his computer , as it will be stored on a machine that will have to be accessed over the internet. This service is usually free and has characteristics identical to local storage versions.

It means that any computer program can be copied, studied, used, redistributed or modified with certain restrictions. The freedom of such parameters is central to the concept, which is the opposite of proprietary software, but is not marketed for profit. Free  distribution is about attaching a license and making the source code available for the user to change according to their needs.

As an example of a company that works developing some type of software , the following can be cited :

Software Express , works with Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) 

There is a type of software suitable for printing labels, CD and DVD labels or business cards, called Pimaco Software . Widely used in graphics and in some domestic environments.

What is Hard ware


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