What is Android

The word android , comes from English and can be translated into Portuguese as android. Android is a term that became popular with works of science fiction and designates robots that have a humanoid shape or appearance.

However, the word android today is mostly used to refer to the operating system used in smartphones, tablets and netbooks.  based on the Linux operating system and is a creation of the Open Handset Alliance company in partnership with several other companies, such as Google, for example.

Like Windows, Ubuntu and Mac Oc, established operating systems,  follows a similar line of operation, managing processing and other software and hardware functions, enabling the device to function.

Android’s competitors are Symbian, used in Nokia devices, IOS, compatible with Apple’s iPhone, Blackberry OS, among others. However,  has the differential of having been developed in part by Google and for that reason it has received a lot of attention, attracting the attention of consumers and technology specialists.

Thus, Android linked to Google, in addition to attracting market attention, also gained in its system the possibility of interacting with Google tools, which was considered an important advantage for many users. And still  has a number of free applications.

The T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) was the first device to work with the Android system in 2008. In 2010, Google and Samsung launched the Nexus series in partnership, following the evolution of the  operating system. 

What is Android
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