What is CPU

The CPU is the most important part of a computer. The name CPU is an acronym that stands for Central Processing Unit , which in a Portuguese translation stands for Central Processing Unit . CPU can also be called a processor, and if we were to compare a computer with a human being, the CPU would be the equivalent of the brain.

The name CPU began to be used in the early sixties, when computers were still huge objects and microcomputers, the ones we use at home, did not exist.

The CPU is responsible for processing all the computer’s data, making calculations, logical operations and controlling the data that enters and exits in each procedure that the computer performs.

The CPU was once a processing center composed of several components, however, with the evolution of technology, it integrated all these components into a single mechanism that today can be called a microprocessor located on a small silicon chip.

What is CPU
What is CPU

In this evolution, microprocessors became capable of performing more and more complex tasks, and with nanotechnology their size could become smaller and smaller, so that today a CPU or microprocessor can be found in the most diverse electronic devices such as toys and cell phones.

Tech experts divide the CPU into three main components. The Arithmetic and Logical Unit (ALU), the component responsible for executing logical functions and arithmetic calculations; the Control Unit (UC), which operates and decodes the instructions it receives from memory, sometimes with the aid of the ALU; and the Registers and Cache Memory, whose function is to store the data that will be processed.

The processing speed of information or data in a computer will be higher or lower according to the CPU speed. And the world’s leading manufacturers of CPUs or microprocessors are AMD and Intel.

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