What is Desktop

Desktop is the term used to name the main environment of the computer , and for a long time it was also used to refer to the desktop computer in the sense of differentiating it from the laptop, the laptop.

It is a term that comes from the English language, and in Portuguese, the meaning of desktop is literally “on the table”; in the translation of laptop, the portable computer is “on top of the lap”. In the English language, the term is used as an adjective to refer to an object that, due to its size, can be placed on a table.

A physical work environment, fully organized and ready to perform all tasks, is also called a desktop.

The word desktop in the field of computing is used as a technical term to refer to the computer’s desktop , where all the programs, applications, folders and shortcuts necessary for the development of the user’s work are located. The desktop allows customization, which can make navigation and usability even easier, as new elements can be added, in addition to the flexibility of background and theme modifications, where the user can leave it according to their preference.

Most people choose to leave only the most used programs on the desktop in order to facilitate and speed up the execution of an activity.

One of the variants of the word desktop  publishing; this expression is used to refer to computer programs where it is possible to do editing, creation and treatment of images, pagination, etc. These programs also allow the visualization of the document as it will be printed, still on the computer screen.

Various types of documents can be made using these programs, such as: calendars, folders, advertising leaflets, banners, signs, catalogs, etc. The most used programs are: Photoshop, Photoscape, Illustrator, Coreldraw, among others because they are more accessible, but users who do not have access to these programs, or who simply prefer not to use them, usually choose OpenOfficeWriter and Word to run the your tasks.

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What is Desktop

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