What is Hard ware

  • Hard ware can be described as the physical part of a computer . In computing, hardware is everything that refers to the computer as a machine and its physical equipment .

Hardware is not just a physical component of personal computers. It is also present on tablets, smartphones, among others.

A good example of hardware is the computer screen where you can see this page. Without the hardware , the computer could not exist, because any software depends on it to function.  

There is external and internal hardware . Below are some examples

Examples of external hardware :

Types of Hardware
Types of Hardware

Flat screen and LCD;








Pen drive.

Examples of internal hardware :




Cards (video, network, etc.);




Fan(heat sink).

It is always possible to do a hardware upgrade. Upgrading means replacing one piece of hardware with another with the aim of improving the performance of the equipment, for example, upgrading the RAM memory or changing cards to improve the performance of the computer .  

We can distinguish some types of hardware:

network hardware

Network hardware is equipment that makes it possible to use a computer network. They are network devices, that is, physical means necessary for communication between certain components. These devices are responsible for data transmission and facilitate the operations of a computer network.

A hardware network can contain different components that contribute to the overall functioning of the network system. Among them, we can mention network adapters, modems, switches, gateways, wireless access points, among other devices that make up the complete operations of a network system.

hardware and software

In order for the hardware to perform its function, it is necessary to insert some software that can perform various tasks. Software is a computer program that can be used to report and interpret data controlling the operation of the computer. It is the logical part necessary for a good functioning of the hardware and both are interdependent.

Without the software, computers would be useless. For example, without the right software you would not be able to browse the internet, even with a device in hand. Without an operating system, the browser will not be able to run and therefore you will not have access to the internet.

There are several websites on the internet that specialize in matters related to information technology. Many of them like Clube do Hardware periodically post articles, tutorials and information. Including a forum where people can debate on various topics related to the subject.

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