What is Ethics and Morals

Ethics and morals have different meanings . This caveat must be made before defining the meaning of Ethics and Morals 

What is Ethics and Morals

Meaning of ethics

Ethics is a noun derived from the Greek ethike.

According to the dictionary, the word ethics can have three meanings:

branch of philosophy that studies the principles of human conduct, in search of a set of rules for ideal behavior;

set of rules that must be followed by professionals in a specific area;

the continuous fever that usually affects patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Still according to the dictionary, there is the concept of social ethics, which is the social philosophy put into practice and governs the rules that should guide the relations between the members of a society.

What is Ethics and Morals

Meaning of moral

Moral is a word of Latin origin, derived from morale.

As an adjective, moral can take on these meanings:

that which refers to good morals;

he who acts with honesty and justice;

he who favors good morals;

the part of theology dealing with cases of conscience;

everything that can be considered decent, that can serve as an example.

As a noun, moral can be:

the part of philosophy which deals with the duties of individuals in society;

the behavioral conclusion to which a fictional story leads;

readiness to face difficulties.

Ethics and Morals – differences

Ethics is the universal set of values ​​that guide human behavior in society, with a view to equality, justice and social well-being.

Morality is a more specific concept: it refers to the customs of a group; regulates the behavior of man within this specific group.

Ethics and Morals at work

Ethics and Morals at work is a relatively new concept, which concerns the conduct of all workers. It is the set of rules that must be followed by everyone, with respect to the rules of conduct specific to each company and/or profession and society. It is the respect that one must have towards everyone in the performance of a function.

Ethics and Morals in Politics

The ethical and moral behavior expected of every politician is the search for the common good, always in accordance with the rules and values ​​of society. It is not just “not being corrupt”, it is governing, drawing up and voting on plans and projects that respect the laws and values ​​of society.

Ethics and Morals according to Kant

Kant was one of many philosophers who dealt with the issue of ethics and morals.

Kantian ethics has as its principle the recognition of the existence of other rational beings, acting according to rules that others can adopt. Man’s rule of conduct must be based on his rational substance, not on feeling.

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