What is ontology

Ontology is a word that originates in Greece and has its meaning based on the terms ontos “being” and logia “ science of being ”. In other words, it deals with what is natural and the way of life of beings.  refers to knowledge, existence and the reality of being .

Metaphysics , according to the dictionary, is the component of philosophy that deals with the fundamental nature of reality and being. So, this being so, ontology is the component of metaphysics that deals with the natural, the real, and the fact that entities exist.

The term ontology emerged in the 17th century, as a division of metaphysics as follows: general metaphysics which is ontology and the special designated ones which are cosmology, psychology and theology.

Current philosophy understands the terms ontology and metaphysics as words that have the same meaning. Although the term metaphysical is more related to the understanding of being in a broader way than the term ontology.

The meaning of ontology emerged in ancient Greece. The philosophers Plato, Aristotle, and Parmenides are the forerunners of these ideas.

The ontology has three main ideas:

Ontology of the One: This idea has as its principle the manifestation of the same, of what is unique or singular and that all reality comes from the One. Parmenides, Plato and Plotinus are the forerunners of this idea.

 This is no longer about the one, but about what relates the practice and the perception of what is. According to this theory of  the being is the one that manifests itself in various forms, pluralized. Its representatives are Aristotle and Saint Thomas.

Ontology of Becoming: this aspect has prevailed since the modern era. It refers to the idea of ​​the dynamics of being and the opposition to non-being, as a time to bring up questions of life and being. The  Becoming comes from the ideas of Hegel and Heidegger

Ontological proof is proof of the essence of what is Divine. Assuming that God is added to the idea of ​​perfect and exact. Ontological proof, therefore, is a confirmation of the existence of the higher being as an immensely perfect being.

Ontology also relates to science and information technology , where the term refers to these subjects to separate and categorize information into groups.

legal ontology

It is a language used in the field of law, which has as its object of action, the understanding and explanation of the particularities and the relationship between law and man.

Legal ontology is also related to philosophy. But in this case, with the philosophy of law. One of its functions is to distinguish the content of the law, demarcate the space and its objective, and thus, finally, present a conceptualization and definition of that subject. Finally, understand and explain the essence of Law .

What is ontology

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