What is the definition of Wisdom

Wisdom is a word derived from the Greek “sofia” (study, knowledge) which, in turn, comes from “sophos” (wise), and means “that which the wise person possesses”. Latin has the word “sapere” to express wisdom.What is the definition of Wisdom 

The word wisdom is commonly used to define the characteristic of a wise person, involving all the knowledge that an individual has on a wide range of subjects or on a particular subject.

The philosopher Aristotle also used the word “phronesis”, quoted in his work “Nicomachean Ethics”, to define “practical wisdom”, that is, the ability that someone had to act in the most correct way.

Pindar, who lived in the 6th century BC, said that “wisdom is knowledge tempered by ethics”. It is a different concept of intelligence or cleverness, since it is the definition of a person who, in addition to having uprightness of character and correct judgment on the facts, behaves in the most upright way possible.

In the pejorative sense, wisdom for having the meaning of cunning and cunning, when a person acts using less honest moral resources to achieve his goal.

In a broader concept, wisdom can present the meaning of defining a body of knowledge of a particular culture or civilization. We can refer, for example, to eastern wisdom when we talk about this culture, or we can say divine wisdom when we talk about theosophy.

We can see, then, that human wisdom is the ability that certain men have to identify faults, both their own and society’s, and correct them. When speaking of divine wisdom, we refer to the ability to deepen the knowledge of humanity through things that come from God or entities that can be considered divine.What is the definition of Wisdom 

wisdom of God

God, for believers, is considered omniscient, that is, knows all things, being therefore the one who has more wisdom, thus becoming an example to be followed by men.

The Bible refers to a man who always tried to do what was right according to the teachings of God, King Solomon, who was always considered the wisest of the kings of Israel.

What is the definition of Wisdom

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