What is Wind Energy

What is Wind Energy
What is Wind Energy

Energy is a physical quantity; one of its characteristics is to remain constant, that is, the amount of energy that exists in the entire universe never changes. As for matter, for energy the maxim is also valid: “ Nothing is created, everything is transformed ”.

            All forms of energy can transform and be transferred from one body to another. These are the properties that make life possible on Earth.

            The word aeolian is a variation of aeolian (from the Greek aiolios ). It derives from the name of the god Aeolus , a deity belonging to Latin and Greek mythologies. Aeolus was the god of wind.

Meaning of Wind Energy

           With the union of the concept of energy with the word wind , the concept of Wind Energy arises , which is the energy that comes from the winds .

What is Wind Energy?

            Wind Energy is a type of kinetic energy (relative to movement) from the force of the winds that the human being can transform into:

-electricity (wind turbines);

– mechanical energy (windmills).it

Wind farms

            To be transformed into electrical energy (usable by humans), wind energy needs a piece of equipment called a wind turbine.

            Wind farms are the places where many wind turbines are installed connected to a central transmission of electricity from the transformation of wind energy.

Wind energy – how it works


The wind is able to make the blades of windmills move, which sets in motion a gear that transforms wind energy into mechanical energy. This form of energy has been used since antiquity for pumping water or grinding grain.

wind turbines

The wind can move the turbine of the wind turbine, which, connected to an electrical grid, transforms wind energy into electrical energy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy

            Advantages of Wind Energy

            Wind Energy is an alternative to the use of fossil fuels which, in addition to being non-renewable, also cause pollution.

            The main advantages of Wind Energy:

-the wind never runs out;

– does not generate polluting gases;

– there is no generation of waste;

-does not cause significant environmental impact;

– wind farms demand smaller areas in relation to the areas occupied by other forms of energy production.

Disadvantages of Wind Energy

            Some disadvantages of Wind Energy:

-in certain places, wind energy can only be produced for part of the year;

-noise pollution;

-visual pollution;

-possible interference in the migration of certain bird species;

-High cost of equipment.

residential wind energy

            It is already viable to produce wind energy for homes. In some countries, governments give incentives to people who want to produce wind energy at home. 

What are the branches of physics?

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