Web 3.0

Web 3.0 refers to the third generation of internet content . The system aims to organize the contents of searches made on the Internet in a more personal way.

The real meaning of Web 3.0 is: the next generation of the internet. It is a new concept of internet search.


The so-called Smart Web was created in order to develop a more personalized form of internet research. Its creation is attributed to the idea of ​​John Markoff , journalist for The New York Times.

It comes as an innovation of the existing Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 . As already identified in the nomenclature of the systems, it is soon realized that they are the bases of what we call “ The Evolution of the Web ”.

Internet specialists guarantee that in this new way of searching for content , people can have personalized and much more objective answers.

Today, when a person looks for a movie in theaters, he gets the options of several theaters and several movies that are playing. In addition, your search also comes with information about all nominated theaters, summaries of all movies and other information that is irrelevant to the web surfer.

What is expected of Web 3.0 is that, when people do their research, such as looking for a movie, if they type “I want to watch a movie with my family and then eat a pizza”, the sites pointed out in the answer to the search will bring the contents with information about the family movie that is being shown in the nearest cinema, which cinema is this and which is the most suitable place for you to enjoy your pizza.

These personalized and intuitive responses should be based on the preferences and profiles of internet users, according to the websites the person visits the most, the subjects the person uses the most on the internet, and so on.

Research sites will be developed or updated with smart applications and targeted advertising according to the internet user’s tastes and habits. That’s why Web 3.0 is nicknamed the “Smart Web”.


Web 3.0

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