What is ADSL ?

ADSL is an acronym that stands for A symmetric D igital S ubscriber L ine which means asymmetric digital telephone line. It is a type of internet connection that allows high-speed digital data transfer.

This acronym is well known by people in the area of ​​information technology, information technology and related areas. This term has its origin in the English language and therefore, the acronym known worldwide is ADSL.

On the internet, we are constantly transferring information. It’s like sending letters, postcards, photos, etc. and this information was delivered instantly. This is exactly what the internet provides us.

There are several technologies that were created to allow the sending and receiving of data between Internet users. The ADSL connection is one of them. The differential of this connection is that it allows data to be transmitted with incredible speed.

The operation of this technology is through the use of the telephone line for the digital transfer of information at high speed between Internet users. It is necessary to make it clear that in this technology the line does not remain busy. It’s just the transmission medium.

In Brazil, it is the most used type of connection to access the Internet. It came to replace the types “dial up” and “dial connections”. Both are slow and, in addition, have the inconvenience of occupying the telephone line while using the Internet.     

ADSL technology was created to meet the needs of users who needed an internet connection that was more efficient.

With the previous connections the data was transmitted very slowly, it was necessary to develop some technology that made the transmission of the data with greater speed.

ADSL technology emerged in 1989, bringing advantages to the digital world and enabling the use of telephone cables, without making the line busy at that time. Over time, improvements have emerged in the ADSL connection and also other technologies.

The versions of ADSL technology are ADSL Lite, which is a simplified technology, and ADSL2, which is an optimized version. Among several factors, this ADSL2 technology allows for better transmission rate and better power management.

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