What is Automation?

Automation is a variant of automation and comes from the Latin Automatus , which means “to move by itself”. Automation means the act of automating. Today, the word is widely used when the subject is the replacement of human work by the use of electronics

            The word automation can refer to a system that uses automatic processes in the execution of activities and in the verification of its own functioning in jobs previously done by the human being.

            Another use of  is what happens when a person spends a lot of time doing the same activity; with repetition, the human being is able to use a smaller portion of the brain to perform the same task, being able to do it more quickly (“without thinking”) and with less chance of error.

            Both concepts are related, as it is the need to increase productivity that leads man to seek forms of automation, whether human or artificial. In the case of machines and robots, it is the man who is behind the work performed by automation.

The rise of automation

            The automation of production processes is at the heart of the Industrial Revolution; for the first time in history, man makes use of machines to optimize production at the same time that he seeks to divide the production stages, making each worker specialize in a single part of the production, being able to perform it with greater efficiency. It was as a result of  that England became an economic power.

automation and informatics

            However, the term automation was only coined in 1962, in France, by the director of the Center National de Calcul Eletronique, Philippe Dreyfus . Automation is the agglutination of the words: automatic and information.

Industrial automation

            The automation of industrial processes has been used in the most diverse sectors in order to reduce costs and increase productivity. The human being has been replaced by machines and robots, which manage to produce more in less time. This process began after 1950, when electronics began to be developed; from this it was possible to emerge the informatics.

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