what is blog ?

    • Blog is a term that originated and became popular thanks to the internet. The word comes from the English language and is a simplified form of the original expression weblog .

Weblog comes from the combination of the terms web , which means network, and log , which is a term that comes from the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinformation technology and designates the records of computer activities or its performance.

Thus, blogs were originally sites where users recorded their activities, published thoughts, poetry, opinions, something like an online diary open to everyone. However, blogs have evolved and diversified and today comprise the most diverse themes and types of content. There are blogs about all kinds of areas of interest, ranging from eroticism, humor, cinema, curiosities, music, variety and so on.

Some blogs have become very popular to the point of becoming profitable sources of income, creating the figure of the professional blogger. The blogger is the person responsible for publishing and managing the blog; and a blog can have from one to many bloggers. The collection of all blogs is known as the blogosphere.

To have a blog is very simple, no technical knowledge in computing, programming or web design is required, just register on a blog support platform such as wordpress and blogspot that offer several pre-defined templates for blog layouts. blogs that meet the most diverse styles and personal tastes.

With the popularization of Youtube comes a variation of blogs that became known as vlog. A vlog is a blog made exclusively in video.

Web 2.0

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