what is facebook ?

Facebook can be literally translated as “ book of faces”, where “ face ” is face (or faces) and “ book ” is book.

Facebook is the most popular social network in Brazil, having been created in 2004. Its founders, Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, had the idea of ​​a new social network and developed it when they were still students, at Harvard University in Massachusetts, United States.

The term was taken from the albums that children make in the United States, putting photographs of schoolmates or classmates and, although the translation may not be a common expression in Brazil, not sounding good in Portuguese, the original idea stuck, with the intention that each person shared their photo and personal information, creating networks and groups where they could share ideas and facts.

At the beginning, Facebook only accepted the membership of students from the University where its creators studied, later moving to other schools and ending up taking over the entire network established by the internet.

Facebook has always ensured that it will be free, generating its revenue from advertising, inserting banners and sponsored ads. On the social network, users create their profiles, with photos and a list of personal interests, using the same to exchange messages, public and private (inbox) between friends and participants of the groups that are formed.

On Facebook, viewing detailed data about members is restricted to friends or group members, who need to confirm their participation, and may also be free and available to everyone, depending on the profile creator’s will.

Facebook has several tools, including the wall, a space on the profile page that allows you to post messages from friends. Different posts (or posts) may appear in the News Feed, separated and available if the user wants to know more about the subjects that are being debated on the network.

Over time, several applications were added to Facebook, with the most diverse subjects, with the dissemination of events and with the possibility of inviting friends and interested parties. The network already has applications that allow you to earn money on the internet, through Facebook Ads, with the sponsorship of advertisements for products or events.

With the wide use of smartphones and tablets, today Facebook already has specific versions for mobile devices, which can be accessed by any user of these devices, facilitating the accessibility and visualization of posts.

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