What is JPEG ?

JPEG comes from the English term Joint Photographics Experts Group . This is the name of a group that developed a methodology for compressing image files.

JPEG is an acronym. It is an abbreviation of terms made up of the first letters that compose it. The difference between acronym and acronym is that the acronym is read letter by letter, while the acronym is read syllabic. 

The JPEG format is one of the most used standards on the internet due to its image quality and mainly because it allows the generation of small and easy-to-transmit files.

Nowadays, JPEG is a method widely used by people who want to compress photo images and files that have this type of extension.

This compression method was made available in 1983, allowing users to reduce files, keeping images with high definition quality, as long as there is no exaggeration in compression and avoiding frequent saving of the same file.

As the image quality is considerably good, this JPEG technique becomes a great ally of many users of digital technologies, along with PNG and GIF.

It is important to point out that every time a JPEG image is recorded, its quality can be reduced. This happens because when saving the image the program does a minimal compression.

Of course, the smaller the file, the less you can demand from it. But it is possible to compress in such a way as to eliminate data without compromising the quality of the image, since the level of compression can be determined by image treatment programs.

JPEG, in addition to being a method, is also the name given to the . There are several image file formats. Some allow higher file quality and compression, as is the case with JPEG.

Extension is a way of classifying files into groups. In the case of files that have JPEG format, the extension is.jpg. Text files, for example, have a.txt extension.

JPEG has the capacity to work with practically 16.8 million colors, 24 bits. This, combined with the possibility of reducing files, makes the JPEG format excellent for producing photographs on digital cameras.

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