What is login

Login is a term of English origin formed by the combination of two words: “log” which is the same as registration and “in” which means “within”. For now, the term login means to start session, since its antonym in English is logout (combination of “log” and “out”, this being the same as “fora”) which refers to closing session.

The word login is frequently used in the technology area, especially on the internet as a means of accessing a given account. It is a way to increase security and information sharing within a digital system, whose access must be restricted to provide greater privacy and trust.

What is login

Using a restricted computer system generally requires an authentication action, which is the same as identifying your user. For this, access to credentials information previously registered in the system is required.

Basically, the registered user needs to type, in a specific field, his user name (in English, username ) and/or email and a password (in English, password ). Also as a means of increasing data security and protection, the login must be unique for each user who uses the system. And, as for this, it is recommended that you always log out when you finish your access.

As examples of access where it is mandatory to use credentials, there are email accounts and social networks. To login Facebook, Google login, Outlook login and Microsoft login it is necessary to inform the registered email and access password.

When the user does not remember this data, he can ask the system to send the forgotten password to his email or the link to register another one. On the other hand, when successive attempts are made to access a system with incorrect data, immediate blocking occurs, whose release can be granted after a few seconds.

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