What is LTE ?

LTE is an acronym for another name for mobile phone technology also known as 4G . LTE is formed from the English expression Long Term Evolution which can be translated into our language as Long Term Evolution .

In markets where the demand for novelties in telecommunications grows vertiginously, requiring greater data exchange capacities every day while, on the other hand, there are great efforts to create new consumer demands, there is a constant need for technological evolution. , and this is the scenario where the advent of technologies such as  necessary, already in full operation in Brazil and almost all over the world.

LTE technology has been adopted as the new standard by cell phone operators to replace 3G technology. In LTE or 4G technology there is the possibility of exchanging information on cellular networks with broadband speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Enabling much more comprehensive communications, much faster and with much more data than the obsolete 3G technology, therefore making the  system the most adequate to the demands of the current consumer market.

LTE technology works in a very similar way to Wi-Fi networks and also to WiMax technology, Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access , in Portuguese.

Although today LTE is the last word in cell phone technology in the world for consumer markets, there is already an evolution of this technology called Advanced LTE or LTE Advanced, with even more capacity and quality in data transmission.

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