What is Spin off

Spin Off , In a literal sense, it is the same as turning off, but its meaning is taken as a derivation or derivative of something, that is, to develop or improve something that has already been created.

Spin Off is used in several areas and sectors such as technology and communication. In the first case, it refers to the development of products or services that can offer more resources than the previous model.

It serves as an illustration the development of the iPhone that, since its creation (or first model) has already undergone several modifications and improvements until the last model or commercialized version that, if you make a comparison between the first and the most recent one, a great evolution can be observed.

In the second case, the spin-off is used in radio and television programs and also in video games or any form of narrative work, where it will be concentrated in only one part of the work that will be detailed.

The term spin-off is also widely used by companies, be it a product or a project. In this case, a company is born as a result of a split from other previous companies as a good strategy to reach new markets, improve sales and win more customers.

series spin off

It is a model widely used in both television and cinema and is known as the famous franchises, which originate from a previous film or series that was a success.

Essas sequências geram bons resultados para os seus responsáveis como é o caso das series C.S.I Miami e CSI: NY, os quais foram o resultado da famosa “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”.

Outro exemplo também famoso é da série Chaves e Chapolim que nasceram de outra serie chamada Chesperito.

Ao que parece, o primeiro Spin-off remete ao ano de 1941 com The Great Gildersleeve, cujo personagem principal era Throckmorton P. Guildersleeve que era antes o personagem coadjuvante de uma antiga comedia de radio chamada Fibber McGee and Molly

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