What is SQL ?

SQL is an acronym imported from English, which means Structured Query Language. Translated, SQL means something like Structured Query Language.

The SQL system was created in the 70’s by the company IBM in San José, within the System R project. SQL was created based on several concepts of relational algebra.

With the passage of time and the popularization of the language, other companies adopted the SQL language and made customizations to it, which caused problems, as the system was no longer a universal standard, different types  began to exist.

 Then, in 1986, the American National Standards Institute, in Portuguese, Instituto Nacional Americano de Padrãos, acronym ANSI, adapted the SQL language creating once and for all a standard and universal programming language. Therefore, it is common to find ANSI standard  language.

SQL meaning

SQL is the standard programming language used in databases. The  language is a universal standard and all DBMSs (Relational Database Management Systems) offer an interface for the user to work with the SQ| programming language.

            It is essential that software developers know what SQ| is and how to use it so that they can query databases.

            Although SQ| is a language standardized by ANSI, it is possible to find dialects: companies use standard  and make small customizations to it, without changing the language.

To understand the question of dialects, it is possible to make a comparison with the Portuguese language: in Brazil, everyone speaks the same language, Portuguese, however, there are peculiarities in the Portuguese spoken in the Northeast that makes it not identical to the Portuguese spoken in the Southeast. Even with the difference between the dialects, the spoken language is the same and does not interfere with communication.

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