What is TS Quality ?

TS Quality is an expression that combines our language with an English language term. Quality comes from the Latin, qualis, qualitas , which means way of being, while and TS is the acronym for TeleSync , where Tele refers to video and Sync to synchronization.

What is TS Quality?             

TS Quality is a way to make a recording of a movie shown on a movie screen, using the sound from the projection room . Direct audio source generally does not guarantee good sound quality, as surrounding noises can interfere. Thus, TeleSync is often filmed in empty movie theaters, or even from the projection booth, using a professional camera and thus generating a better image quality.

TS Quality is one of the qualifications given to bootleg recordings of films that are still being shown in the cinema chain and are not available on the internet. They are usually recorded stating that they have TS or CAM quality, which are the two methods used for this, and this quality is often inferior to the original.

In the CAM method, the spectator himself makes the recording, using his own camera and recording directly from the cinema screen, with the sound coming from the screen. This quality, most of the time, is quite bad, as you can hear the echo of cinema sound, people talking or getting up, laughter, voices, etc. Even the viewer’s position can detract from the film by not shooting at a direct angle.

As the quality varies a lot, it’s good to see a sample of the movie when you download it in full. Most TeleSync are actually CAMs labeled TS.

This information is usually provided by sites where we can download movies. The user is informed that the film is of TS or CAM quality, depending on how it was recorded, making it clear what the user can expect from the recording.

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