what is URL?

URL is the abbreviation of Uniform Resource Locator , or Locador Padrão de Recursos in Portuguese, designating the address of a resource available on a network , that is, it is the virtual address of a file, a printer or other accessory available on a network, be it corporate (intranet) or the internet.

The complete UR contains a well-defined structure, so that the user can find what he is looking for, which may be a link (or address) of a website or a page. It is composed of an HTTP protocol (internet communication protocol) or an FTP (internet file transfer protocol), working with the HTML protocol.

The complete URL usually has a structure defined as shown in the example: scheme://domain:port/path/resource?querystring#frangento . This format is defined by the RFC 1738 standard (Request for Comments), which is a descriptive document of the component standards that are part of any network, whether internet or intranet.

url shortener

The growth of the internet also brought the disadvantage of very extensive links. So, the URL shortener was created, which compresses the longer links, since it becomes a problem to share very large links.

Currently, the most popular URL shorteners are Bit Iy,, TinyURL, Notlong and Is gd.

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